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The IRC is at work in some 25 countries, distributing life-saving aid, rebuilding devastated communities, establishing schools and training teachers, caring for war-traumatized children, rehabilitating health care systems, restoring lost livelihoods, reuniting families, strengthening the capacity of local aid groups and institutions, supporting good governance initiatives in post-conflict locations, and for refugees unable to return home and admitted to the U.S. resettlement program, helping them rebuild their lives across the United States.

Through our offices in London, Brussels, New York and Washington D.C., and every location where we provide assistance, we raise awareness about refugee issues and advocate for durable solutions to humanitarian crises.

The IRC is unique, being the only aid organization that directly implements global humanitarian assistance programs for refugees and displaced persons and helps refugees permanently resettle. IRC at a Glance fact sheet [PDF]

Across the globe, IRC experts are on-call to answer journalists’ questions.

The IRC can provide:

  • Breaking News and Eyewitness Accounts:  The IRC is most often among the first to arrive on the scene, providing emergency assistance at the outbreak of a crisis.
  • In-Depth Information and Statistics:  Whether you’re covering the dwindling numbers of refugees being admitted into the United States or the overwhelming number of dead and displaced from the war in Congo, the IRC has teams of experts to provide context, facts, numbers, history, case studies and personal stories.

  • The Faces Behind Your Story:  The IRC employs thousands of staff members from around the globe, the majority from the communities we assist, who are on the front lines of humanitarian response.  And the most passionate advocates for refugee issues and those in the best position to describe the effects of war on civilian populations are the millions of people who are touched by IRC programs every day.

  • Photographs and Video:  Ask us about our ever-growing archive of photographs and video footage.

Media Contacts

Philip Wood (New York)
+ 1 212 551-2950 (office)
+1  917 701-1967 (cell)

Melissa Winkler (New York) Covers: Georgia Violence, Myanmar, Iraqi Refugees, Darfur
+ 1 212  551-0972 (office)
+ 1 646 734-0305 (cell)

Peter Biro (Europe)
+43 664 279 3977 (Vienna)
+1 646 201 3697 (U.S. cell)

Lydia Gomersall (London)
44 20 7692 2741 (office)

Ameena Ilahi (Pakistan)
Phone: +92 51 265-4086, Ext. 127
           +92 51 265-4087
           +92 51 265-3441
Fax:    +92 51 265-4088


The IRC’s Gillian Dunn discusses conditions for Darfur refugees in Chad with CNN.
Peter Biro/International Rescue Committee

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