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A new way to heal / Boise

Posted by Wynne Boelt on 11 September, 2008

1)	Artwork created by child resettled by the IRC in Boise
Artwork created by a child resettled by the IRC in Boise Photo: The IRC
The IRC’s Boise office is helping refugee children cope with mental anguish and trauma in a new program that combines art therapy and a psychotherapy technique called Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, or EDMR.  The program gives small children who have fled war and persecution a chance to work through traumatic memories without actually having to talk about them.

IRC Boise resettlement director Leslye Boban told The Boise Weekly that she hopes the program can one day be used to help adults cope with trauma too.  “We’re working with a counseling group to also do the same technique with the parents, because you can’t work with the kids and open them up like that and go home to a chaotic, unstable environment.”


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Boise: Freedom on Two Wheels

Posted by Wynne Boelt on 5 June, 2008

Refugee with donated bike in Boise IRC photo
Photos:The IRC
Refugees who are starting over in Boise, Idaho need an inexpensive way to get to and from their homes, jobs, and schools—and just generally explore their new community. The solution for many is a bicycle.

Dozens of refugees have received bicycles through the Boise Bicycle Project, a grassroots organization that donates refurbished bikes to people in need in the Boise area.

The International Rescue Committee’s resettlement director in Boise, Leslye Boban, says that refugees resettled by the IRC have benefited greatly from the project. “These revamped bikes give refugees critically needed transportation to get to work and around town when the bus or other forms of transportation are not available to them,” she recently told local newspaper The Idaho Statesman

More photos below the scroll…

Refugee with donate bike in Boise IRC photo

Bikes donated to refugees in Boise IRC photo

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“A willful state of denial” [This Week’s Voices]

Posted by Kate Sands Adams on 23 October, 2007

Iraqi Boy
Photo: Peter Biro/The IRC
NPR’s Morning Edition: Michael Kocher says the Administration and Congress are in a “willful state of denial” about the Iraq refugee crisis

KCBI TV, Boise  Leslye Boban says “[Iraqi] refugees coming into the United States are coming because they don’t have any other solution.”

The New York Times: Alyoscia D’Onofrio responds to a front page article about widespread rape that is terrorizing women in Congo   

The Arizona Republic: An apartment fire in Phoenix forces 20 refugees from homes, destroys personal items, legal papers

The Arizona Republic: IRC volunteer Lori Lause says refugees arrive “with nothing more than a toothbrush. But help from IRC volunteers can ease the voyage.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Jenny Perlman Robinson writes of a recent Women’s Commission visit to Uganda in a letter to the editor: “These young people want to help themselves, but can’t do so without support.”

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